St. Hannibal’s Devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
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Whenever I see the Daughters of Divine Zeal with their religious brown habit, I am reminded of the Father Founder’s Devotion to Mary under the title of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The brown religious habit of the sisters is a sure sign that at some point of Father Founder’s life, he had a special attention to this Marian devotion and wanted his sons and daughters to share and embrace this devotion. I would like to make mention also that Fr. Hannibal joined the Third Order of the Carmelite and was given the religious name John of the Cross.

Here are some insights of the Carmelite Spirituality that are quite distinctive to St. Hannibal:

In his desire to cultivate his interior life of prayer and contemplation, St. Hannibal would like to follow Mary in the depths of her interior life. Fr. Hannibal looks at the Blessed Mother as the model who treasured and pondered everything about Christ in her heart. This was also evident in how Fr. Hannibal kept and lived the evangelical command of the Rogate. His interior life was the fertile soil where he deepened his reflection on the need for holy workers for the Lord harvest after his practical experience of taking care for the poor and children entrusted to him. It was from his interior life that gave him the needed strength and enlightenment to discern God’s will for his two communities and the works of apostolate.

St. Hannibal sees the Blessed Virgin as the one who points and brings all Christians most surely to Christ. He believes that the only way to Jesus for every Christian believer is through the intercession of his beloved Mother. She can always make a way to soften the hardened hearts of people and bring them closer to God to be their strength and refuge. In as much as St. Hannibal dedicates his whole life for the education of the young and the tireless service and help of the poor, the Blessed Virgin bestows her grace so all the works so that everything will be pleasing in the eyes of God.  

The Carmelite color in the habit of the Daughters of Divine Zeal is a sign of belonging to Mary. St. Hannibal personally pick for the Sisters that color because he believes that is a pledge of her sure motherly protection. True enough all through the years of the existence of the Sisters, the Blessed Mother has been their providential protector and assurance of their works of apostolate. In the mind of St. Hannibal, as the Sisters wear their Carmelite color habit, they give witness to the Blessed Mother’s love for the harvest of the Lord.


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