The Rogationists’ Devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus
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Monday, 25 June 2012 13:40

As sons of St. Hannibal, the Rogationists have placed close to their hearts this devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is not just because they get their name from the Sacred Heart but precisely the Sacred Heart is everything for them. 

When one speaks of the heart, he is referring to the whole reality of the person. So for the Rogationists, the Sacred Heart is the entirety of Jesus whom they love and adore. Everything for them and all of them belongs to Jesus. Simple as it is.

Following their traditions, the why does the Rogationists who are implorers of holy vocations continue to place prime importance to this feast of the Sacred Heart?  Why do they need to pay much attention in preparing and celebrating with great solemnity this Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? 

The primary aim of this devotion for the Rogationists is to dispose their hearts to be able to from the heart of Jesus the spiritual understanding for knowing and bring into its completion their Rogationist vocation. This Rogationist calling is expressed in the compassion of the heart of Jesus when he commanded his disciples to pray more laborers to gather in his harvest. There is the call to penetrate the wounded pierced side of Christ in order to feel, espouse, suffer, share, and live according to the interest of the Compassionate Heart especially by obeying the Evangelical Command of the Lord.  Thus, the devotion to the Sacred Heart speaks eloquently regarding the understanding and zeal for the Rogate in the interior and active lives of the Rogationists.

These understanding and zeal for the Rogate as conveyed in the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus are expressed in the selected themes for the nine days of novena preparation.

The Rogationists are called to penetrate the Most Holy Heart of Jesus. They are to consider the Heart of Christ as the honey-comb by bringing people closer to Jesus. People nowadays are restless in search for meaning in their lives. They go for different manners and ways of approaching life. These are signs of man’s thirsts for the divine. And so the Rogationists are called to accompany them to search the true meaning of their lives through the devotion the Sacred Heart. This Heart of Christ is open for those would like to find God in humility.

The Rogationists are to live within that Divine Heart. They are called to be a community committed in living the Evangelical Command of the Lord. But they can only do this when they come together with one mind and heart in the Eucharist to invoke the Lord to make them true witness of reality of the Kingdom. It is a call to be a community that is radiating the compassionate divine Heart of Jesus.

The Rogationists are called to perceive the love of Jesus’ Heart. There is the perennial call for every Rogationists to discern the will of God for them as they strive to be holy workers in the vineyard of the Lord. In their discernment, they need know who are the favourites of God and strive to help them. In the beatitudes, the poor are revealed to be the favourites of God. Not because they are just materially poor but because it is clear to them that they can only depend on God for blessings. It is a clear indication for the Rogationist to perceive the poor as the loves of Jesus’ Heart. Here, they can understand better the stance of the Church for the preferential option of the poor. 

The Rogationists are called to espouse the interest of Jesus’ Heart. They are to embrace the interest of the Heart of Christ, that is, the salvation of all the souls. They can understand better the words of the St. Hannibal when he says, “I will not spare myself in anything for the Rogate.” For the Rogationist, the Rogate is the secret of all good works because it will be the answer for the lack of good workers for the salvation of all men and ultimately the glorification of God.

The Rogationists are called to share in the pains of the Heart of Jesus. This is not just about what happened to Jesus on Calvary unto his death on the cross. This means to share in the whole sufferings of Christ especially during the instance in his public ministry when he saw the crowd like sheep with a shepherd. With this, the Heart of Christ uttered the words of the Rogationist prayer. The pains of the Heart of Jesus are the souls who are continually being lost and are being snatch by the evil. Another is the ingratitude of man towards the goodness and mercy of God. 

The Rogationists are called to share in the sacrifice of Jesus’ Heart. One can understand here that the life of every Rogationist must be an oblation or a sweet smelling offering to the Father to beseech him to send holy workers for his great harvest. The Rogationist cannot do what Jesus did once and for all on they cross. They can only participate and share in Christ sacrifice by their witnessing of their consecrated life in the world as a continuous oblation to the Father.

The Rogationists are called to console that Divine Heart of Jesus. Consolation the Heart of Christ is an act of reparation of all the infirmities and calumnies committed against the mercy of God. Most of the time, man is unfaithful to the covenant of God with Him. But is God who searches the sinners to bring them back to Him. God is the one who is hurt but he is the one who forgives and search out for the lost. God is so merciful to the sinners and so to console the Heart of God is bring to him the sinners to repent from their sins and amend their lives.   

The Rogationists are called to love Jesus’ Heart by gaining souls for Him. In string to be good workers in the vineyard of the Lord, the Rogationists are task not just to seek their own sanctification but to be shepherds and fishers of men for the Lord. They are called to work for the promotion of human life especially of the little ones and the poor in the society. With their works and apostolate, they are to bring the people entrusted to them closer to God. 

The Rogationists are called to love Jesus’ Heart by obeying the Divine Rogate. By their profession of the vows, they receive the indelible seal of the Evangelical Command and imprinted it in their hearts. This should be their banner wherever they go and whatever they do.  This is the reason for their existence, to be implorers and become holy workers themselves to bring about the realization of the kingdom of God. For them, to obey the Divine Command means to live and offer ones’ life for the love of God and neighbour.   

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