St. Hannibal’s Devotion to the Holy Archangels
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 14:16

Angels are never just figments of children's imagination. They are real. Our Father Founder, St. Hannibal firmly believes that these holy angels are actively guiding, sustaining and protecting all through these years the institutions and charitable works of the congregations that he started. What better proof for the reality of the angels can we have than this!

As we celebrate the singular feast of the Holy Archangels on September 29, let us then be acquainted with the sublime spirit and devotion of St. Hannibal Di Francia to the Holy Archangels.

In the time of St. Hannibal, each Archangel had his own proper feast day to be celebrated, but with the reform of the Roman Liturgy after Vatican II, all other feasts of the archangels were joined together in the single feast of St. Michael which designated yearly on September 29. What remained very peculiar in our celebration of the feast of the Holy Archangels was the special Triduum that we all faithful observed up to this time. The day itself of the feast remained outstandingly celebrated in all houses of the Rogationists and the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

We have the words of St. Hannibal to be inspired and be guided accordingly, “The veneration of the Holy Angels will always be in force in the congregation. The glorious St. Michael under whose special protection and defense are placed all the works of the Evangelical Rogation of Jesus’ Heart, will be honored in a most special way.”

The sacred scripture attests to the reality of the angels. They are regarded as spiritual in nature but higher in rank than humans. These celestial princes, who contemplate the face of God in heaven, are our faithful friends, protectors, assisting and empowering us humans to do go. They commit themselves in these missions as mediators and agents of God. They are also our intercessors before God. Let us consider now the outstanding missions of holy archangel as we deal with them one by one.

The Archangel St. Raphael, whose name literally means “Medicine of God” serves as our faithful guide in our life’s pilgrimage. With his help we Christians can obtain the heavenly remedies for our spiritual sicknesses. In the Old Testament writings, the Archangel Raphael freed the young Tobias and accompanied him home safe and sound. He is meant to be therefore our guide and comfort in our Christian journey. Another is that, with the help of Raphael, Tobit regained his sight. May we also ask from this angel to restore eyes of innocence and faith so that we can see God’s promptings in our lives.

The Archangel St. Gabriel was the “Messenger of Good News”. This Good News was the announcement of the beloved angel to Mary about the birth of our savior Jesus. He was the special guardian of the Blessed Virgin Mary as he dispelled all the doubts that troubled her heart particularly when she learned that she will be the mother of the Lord. Furthermore, we can say that St. Raphael revealed to the Holy Virgin the sublime mystery of her vocation. In our part, we can ask his intercession to grant us the Holy Spirit’s gifts of fortitude and courage to face the difficulties in life. He is the comfort and consoler of the faint hearted people. Likewise, with his help he can make our minds clear from illusions and fake views so that we can discern well and arrived with well thought of decisions in our lives.

The Archangel St. Michael was considered to be one of the special patrons of the congregation. This zealous angel zealous for God’s honor and glory was solemnly proclaimed by St. Hannibal to be the guardian and guide of all his communities from the very beginning following the inspiration he got from the book of Exodus 23:20 and from his pilgrimage to the Archangel Shrine in Monte Gerano, Italy in 1910. He even wrote prayers and hymns in honor of this holy archangel especially in the Feast of July 1st celebration of 1917 and 1936. St. Hannibal wanted all the communities of the Rogationists and FDZ sisters to have the Archangel’s statue. He even dedicated an altar to Archangel St. Michael in the Temple of the Evangelical Rogation in Messina. In his dealings with the youth, St. Hannibal recommended the devotion to Archangel St. Michael. He exhorted the young people to be aware always of the angel’s presence, to be really inspired to do good and to say prayers to this powerful guardian and intercessor.  To stress another very important point, we can say that St. Michael as the head of the celestial army and as the one who subdued Lucifer, continuously guides, leads, and takes care of the Church even up to now.  

With these Holy Archangels, we pray that truly the reign of Satan may be destroyed and Kingdom of God may finally reign everywhere especially in the hearts of men. The Archangels are the commissioned guardians of God’s people.  They are our guardians, our faithful friends and our deliverer especially in temptations hour. May we be aware of their active presence, be inspired always and in humility ask always for their help and protection.

Holy Archangels, pray for us!     

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