Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia: a Legacy of the Ilocanos
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Thursday, 30 June 2011 06:03
Way back 1984 when a group of Daughters of Divine Zeal  Sisters arrived in the province and have their  convent ( Our Lady of Rogate ) built for the first time in Vintar, Ilocos Norte: Saint Nicholas Parish. After some years a group of Rogationists Priests and Brothers  came to promote vocations to the priesthood and the religious life in several regions in the north. The DDZ sisters headed by Mo. Gilda Lo Conti, FDZ as the superior , Sr. Noemi Fuderanan, FDZ, Sr. Evelyn Pascua, FDZ, Sr. Elna Casimsiman, FDZ  Sr. Socorro, FDZ , Sr. Josepa, FDZ, Sr. Corazon, FDZ and others  introduced to us the Padre and the charism of the Rogate. Through the help of the pioneer Rogationists like Fr. Gabriel Flores, RCJ, Rene Panlasigui, RCJ and others  and the Daughters of  the Divine Zeal Sisters from the north,  a lot of Ilocanos entered and tried to experience the life in the seminary and in the convent. The Ilocanos are proud to have Rogationists Religious and Sisters after  few years of presence  of DDZ Sisters in the Ilocos provinces.

The blessing of the statue of Saint Hannibal reminds us of the importance of praying for more and holy vocations in the whole church and as a thanksgiving for the graces received by the Daughters of the Divine Zeal Sisters in the Ilocos Regions and as a thanksgiving  of the Rogationists priests from ILocos specially the families of Fathers Ferico Duque, RCJ, Florence  Malasig, RCJ and Henry Ramos, RCJ and also as means to intensify Rogate groups present in the ILocos Region like the: Union of Prayers for  Vocations ,  Association of Prayer for Vocations, Rogate Sentinels, FOR- Friends Of Rogate, Family Rog-Ilocos  Chapter and others.  

The feast of Saint Hannibal Mary di Francia, June 1, 2011 was a very memorable date for the Ilocanos because for the first time the statue or the monument  of St. Hannibal  was erected in the Patio of the Parish of Saint Nicholas Vintar, ILocos Norte, just near the first convent of the FDZ Sisters. The statue was built with the approval of the Bishop of the Diocese of Laoag, Most Rev. Sergio Utleg, DD and the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Hermogenes  G. Saturnino Jr. Before the blessing a concelebrated  Eucharistic Celebration was held,  the bishop as the main celebrant. Fr. Henry Ramos as the representative from the Congregation of the Rogationists together with the different communities of the DDZ sisters in ilcocos facilitated and prepared well the celebration of the Holy Mass and the Blessing of the Statue. The full support of the government also was felt. The cutting of ribbon was done through the assistance of the Bishop, Parish Priest  and the DDZ sisters. The unveiling of the Statue was done through the availability of Hon.  Mayor Jose Foronda Jr with his wife Larissa Foronda assisted by the President of the Parish Pastoral Council, Mr. Dante Mabanag. The feast was culminated with an agape sponsored by different religious organizations in the parish, with the Rogate Sentinels, Parents and families of the Rogationists Priests of Vintar, the different Communities of the DDZ sisters and other generous families of Vintar.

Thank you for Fr. Herman ( Major Superior ), Fr. Rene ( In charge of the Rogate Center) and the UPV Group and to all of you who in one way or the other directly or indirectly made this occasion a success.
Let us continue to build a culture of prayer in our families and  communities especially of praying for many and holy vocations to the whole church.  Saint Hannibal we love you. Be always with us.
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